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https://www.freshcook.com.tw/contact.html Fresh & Cook Food Corporation https://www.freshcook.com.tw/images/corpimg.png P O Box 1009 Stanton CA 90680 $ 03-355-9828 Welcome to Fresh & Cook Nestled in the heart of Yizhu Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan, Fresh & Cook thrives on the bountiful natural resources and sweet waters that provide us with the optimal conditions for aquaculture. This enables us to produce the freshest and most delicious fish products. As a key member of the Chiayi County Aquaculture Production Cooperative in Taiwan, our mission is to enhance the added value of aquaculture products, promote integrated production and sales, diversify products, establish a comprehensive production and sales system, open up marketing channels, promote the sustainable operation of aquaculture, and enhance the competitive advantage of local aquatic products. Fresh & Cook has introduced the latest equipment and research and development technologies to innovate and improve aquatic products. In addition to our processing production line, we have an advanced frozen storage warehouse that ensures our products maintain the highest freshness during the complete process of harvesting, processing, transportation, and storage. Our management operations have obtained international certification from HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), demonstrating our rigorous attitude and professional capabilities in food safety. Currently, our main focus is on contract farming and fresh fish processing products, and we are gradually expanding our business items. Our main business items include fish farming and processing, import of frozen fish goods, aquatic products, and prepared food. Fresh & Cook, firmly believes that “only by respecting nature can we receive the gifts of nature”. We will continue to strive to produce the freshest, most delicious, and safest aquatic products, adding healthy and delicious choices to your dining table. We look forward to sharing the gifts of nature with you. Office & Factory Site : Cold Storage Warehouse : --- Fresh & Cook ---  
https://www.freshcook.com.tw/ Fresh & Cook Food Corporation

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